MyAppraise Trade-In tool

With the Vehicle Appraisal Tool at Woody Folsom CDJR, you no longer have to guess the value of your trade-in vehicle. Our Vehicle Appraisal Tool allows you to quickly learn how much your vehicle is worth by answering a few simple questions.  Get started now and use our Edmunds MyAppraisal Trade-In Tool. 

What Happens If I'm Still Making Payments on the Trade-in Vehicle?

If you're still making payments on your car, truck, or SUV; you can trade it in. In this instance, we will assess a trade-in value on the vehicle and pay off the remaining balance of your auto loan. If you owe more than the vehicle appraised for, the additional balance will simply be rolled into the loan balance of your new vehicle. In either case, we will always examine each situation on a case-by-case basis and provide our guidance toward the best solution.

Should I Sell My Car or Trade It in Savannah Area?

Undoubtedly, one of the most common questions we get is the conversation around selling the car vs trading it in at the dealership. While most people assume selling their vehicle will result in more money, this is rarely the case. In reality, selling your car takes time. For instance, you should consider: 
  • The amount of time it takes to market your vehicle;
  • The costs of reconditioning your vehicle to get it ready for sale;
  • Haggling back and forth with potential buyers;
  • How will the buyer pay for the vehicle;
  • Calculating the federal and state sales taxes;
  • Handling the transfer of titles and tag work; and
  • Several other aspects. 
When you trade your vehicle in at Woody Folsom CDJR in Vidalia, you'll enjoy a fast and hassle-free process. Most importantly, we pay top dollar for high-quality trade-in vehicles. Instead of having to worry about cleaning your car up, we have an expert team of detailers who specialize in reconditioning the vehicle. 

We handle all of the paperwork, calculating of taxes, transfer of titles, and tag work. We'll do the hard work, so you can spend more time doing what matters most.

Why Should I Estimate the Value of My Vehicle?

When you know the estimated value of your vehicle, you'll know whether you're getting a fair deal. At Woody Folsom Vidalia, we've made our trade-in appraisal process as transparent as possible. While other dealerships may try to lowball your trade-in vehicle, we will provide you with an estimate of your vehicle's value. This way, you'll know what your vehicle is worth - whether you buy from Woody Folsom CDJR in Vidalia or anywhere else.

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Whether you're purchasing a new Chrysler 300 or looking for a used car for under $15,000, we will pay top dollar for your quality trade-in. Getting started is as simple as completing the form above. Once you have your trade in value, give us a call at (888) 415-5343 or complete our online contact form.
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