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Which Jeep SUV is Best For Me?


Previously, purchasing a Jeep was a relatively easy decision because you only had three different models to choose from: Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. That was then, and now the number of new Jeeps for sale in Vidalia has grown to a robust family of seven different models, which can make choosing the best Jeep vehicle slightly confusing. However, you don't have to do it alone. We've created a quick guide to help you choose the best Jeep for your unique needs.


2018 Jeep Compass:


While a compass can point you in the right direction, the 2018 Jeep Compass will get you there. The Compass is safe, secure, stylish, and loaded with all the latest tech bells and whistles. For the price, you aren't going to find a more capable, sophisticated SUV anywhere.


The Best Pickup of 2018:

When you're shopping for a new pickup truck, why not choose the best? And the best pickup truck of 2018 is the Ram 1500! Here at Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we offer one of the largest inventories of new Ram trucks for sale in Vidalia. You can choose from the top-selling models and trims of the new Ram 1500.


2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee:


The Jeep Grand Cherokee's premium materials, luxurious cabin, and advanced technology features make for an enjoyable ride whether you're heading to the mountains or going to work. Because nearly every detail of the Grand Cherokee can be customized, this Jeep is sure to please any customer!


Tips For New Jeep Owners:

Are you the proud owner of a new Jeep SUV? Congratulations and welcome to the Jeep Life! If you've just joined the Jeep family, or are thinking about becoming a proud owner of a new Jeep SUV, there are a few things you should be aware of. Read on to learn more!


2019 Jeep Cherokee:


The 2019 Jeep Cherokee was built with someone like you in mind: durable but flexible, strong yet smooth, and useful for weekdays and weekends alike. Learn more about this new Jeep and shop the best selection in Vidalia at Woody Folsom!


2019 Ram 1500:


Explore the features of the most technologically advanced Ram pickup truck yet coming early next year - the 2019 Ram 1500! The team at Woody Folsom CDJR of Vidalia goes into great details of this upcoming truck and why it's the most anticipated to date.


2018 Dodge Charger:


Check out the all-new 2018 Dodge Charger, America's favorite muscle car, from Woody Folsom CDJR. This vehicle exudes "cool" while having the power and performance to back up its reputation. Dare to Dodge and learn more about this muscle car today.


2018 Ram 1500:


Whether you are looking to buy a truck for work or play, the sturdy 2018 Ram 1500 delivers for both purposes. Woody Folsom CDJR offers a number of truck options that are sure to satisfy any pickup lover. Learn more about the best selling truck on the market.


2018 Dodge Journey:


With an affordable price, amazing cargo space, and optimum technology, the 2018 Dodge Journey is a standout crossover. Woody Folsom prides itself in having the finest selection of Journeys that are perfect for the entire family. Test drive this incredible crossover today!


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